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We offer a great selection of effect pedals for sale from great manufacturers such as BBE, Boomerang, Eden, Eventide, Palmer, and Source Audio.

We ship to the continental United States and Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon.

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Palmer PEBUT Overdrive Effects Pedal
The Clean control mixes your original signal in with the overdriven signal to maintain attack and de..
$189.00 $149.00
Palmer PECHOR Chorus Effects Pedal
The PECHOR is an easy to use but velvety sounding Chorus effect. With only three controllers Rate, D..
$139.00 $109.00
Palmer PECOMP Compressor Effects Pedal
The PECOMP Compressor controls the dynamics of your guitar signal for increased punch and sustain. T..
$169.00 $139.00
Palmer PEDIST Classic Distortion Effects Pedal
The PEDIS is a classic distortion pedal with a twist suitable for all musical styles. Simplistic, ye..
$169.00 $139.00
Palmer PEFLA Flanger Effects Pedal
Featuring a heavy duty footswitch and die-cast housing this high quality effect provides smooth stat..
$209.00 $169.00
Palmer PEHURR Fuzz and Overdrive Effects Pedal
The PEHURR Hurrigain pedal combines fuzz and overdrive effects. Reminiscent of the classic 60ies and..
$169.00 $139.00
Palmer PEKAP Octave Effects Pedal
The Palmer Kaputt actually creates an octave effect. Actually... Several additional features work..
$199.00 $159.00
Palmer PEMUTT Tube Distortion Effects Pedal
The flexible Palmer MUTTERSTOLZ is an overdrive, distortion, and Booster all in one and, as most oth..
$329.00 $259.00
Palmer PEOCT Octobus Loop Switcher
The Palmer OCTOBUS is a high-performance loop switcher for ground effects. With this central switchi..
$599.00 $479.00
Palmer PEOD Overdrive Effects Pedal
The PEOD Overdrive is designed to saturate both your guitar signal and amplifier. The Clean control ..
$169.00 $139.00
Palmer PEPHAS Phaser Effects Pedal
Featuring a heavy duty footswitch and die-cast housing this high quality pedal provides a wide range..
$209.00 $169.00
Palmer PESM Solid Metal Hard Distortion Effects Pedal
The PESM Solid Metal is a hard distortion pedal with controls for distortion, output volume, and a 3..
$229.00 $179.00
Palmer PETIMEP Delay & Compressor Effects Pedal
This fully analog effects pedal offers a wide range of delays in a vintage style with a running time..
$289.00 $229.00
Palmer PGA03 Splitter for Guitars
Splitter for Guitars "When I run my guitar into two amps simultaneously, I always get a loud hum"..
$259.00 $199.00
Palmer PTHRUSTER Booster Effects Pedal
Simply speaking, one could call this device a solo-booster. Activating it ushers a louder and more p..
$599.00 $479.00