Eventide MixingLink

Eventide MixingLink

Brand: Eventide
Product Code: MixingLink


When you put the Eventide Mixing Link preamp pedal at the front of your live vocal chain, outstanding sound is sure to follow. It starts with an amazing preamplifier with phantom power, tons of gain for low-output mics, and ultra-low noise performance. You've got an effects loop that accepts balanced and unbalanced signals, so you can add studio effects or guitar stompboxes to enhance your sound. Many Sweetwater employees are vocalists, and all can attest that the Mixing Link is a smart way to integrate effects into your vocal chain.

Eventide Mixing Link Preamp/FX Loop Pedal at a Glance:

  • A powerful tool for vocalists, guitarists, and bass players
  • More creative options with momentary FX loop switching
  • This is seriously a fantastic preamp

A powerful tool for vocalists, guitarists, and bass players

You'll notice an instrument input in addition to the microphone input on the Mixing Link. That's because it's a capable DI and FX loop pedal on top of being an awesome mic preamp. Singer-songwriters can use it to use one single reverb effect on both vocals and guitar. Bass players can send a split of their signal to the house PA, while also driving an amplifier on-stage. When you look at it as a pristine mic pre, a small-scale mixer, and a switchable effects loop, the Mixing Link is truly a multi-purpose tool.

More creative options with momentary FX loop switching

Sure, you can use the Mixing Link as a switchable effects loop, but you can also set its footswitch to momentary mode. That sends your voice or instrument through the FX loop only while you're holding the switch down, and it lets you create momentary effect "highlights" that help certain lines or musical phrases stand out. While you could never turn an entire chain of pedals on and off in a quarter beat with a typical setup, it's easy with the Mixing Link.

This is seriously a fantastic preamp

Just because it's not mounted in a rack doesn't mean the Eventide Mixing Link won't impress anyone in your studio - just the opposite. In fact, many rackmount preamps don't have the 70dB of gain that the Mixing Link has. And the excellent signal to noise ratio means that's a lot of clean, pristine gain, perfect for ribbon mics and other low-output mics. And there's even a -20dB pad so you can record loud sources without distortion.

Eventide Mixing Link Preamp/FX Loop Pedal Features:

  • Microphone preamplifier, FX loop, and DI pedal, for vocals and instruments
  • Perfect for attaining high-quality vocals live
  • Easy way to integrate studio effects and guitar stompboxes into your vocal chain
  • Versatile mix control with three different output options
  • FX Loop footswitch can be switched between on/off toggle and momentary operation
  • Aux input allows you to mix in external audio sources
  • Headphone output for easy monitoring

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