Moogerfooger Clusterflux

Moogerfooger Clusterflux

Brand: Moog
Product Code: MF-108M


Reg. Price: $789.00 Arbutus Price: $639.00


Moogerfooger Clusterflux:

  • BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) based Chorus Flange effects module
  • Front Panel: Time (0.6 mS to 10 mS), Range, Feeback (Positive & Negative), Drive, Output, Mix, LFO (6 wave shapes), LFO Rate, LFO Amount
  • LEDs & Switches: Rate, MIDI, Level, Bypass, Tap Tempo, Bypass Switch
  • Back Panel Features: Audio In, Left/Mono Audio Out, Right/Stereo Out, Feedback Insert, MIDI In, +9V Power Input Jack, Feedback, Time, LFO Rate, Mix & LFO Amount


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